Our Service Areas

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Medical Malpractice

Wade Nurse Consultants provide support for medical malpractice litigation through the assessment of medical records in order to evaluate merit, delineate standards of medical care, identify potential defendants and locate the required testifying or consulting experts.

Personal Injury

Wade Nurse Consultants involved with Personal injury litigation create detailed medical chronologies from medical records, speaking to damages and causation as well as attending DME/IME examinations as an observer.

Products Liability

Wade Nurse Consultants are available to complete and analyze the required medical literature research for products liability cases as well as review, summarize and organize large amounts of medical records.

DME Observer

Wade Nurse Consultants are available to attend and observe your injured clients’ Defense Medical or Functional Capacity Examinations and produce a brief or extensive reports as requested.

Criminal Cases

Wade Nurse Consultant forensic nurses can review and analyze medical records involved in criminal cases involving abuse, neglect, DUI, murder, assault, or domestic violence.

Nursing Home

Wade Nurse Consultants participate in nursing home litigations by reviewing medical records in order to analyze and assess for signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect such as pressure injuries, falls, bruising, fractures, or malnutrition.

What We Do

  • Review or investigate cases for merit.

  • Identify the applicable standards of care.

  • Clarify deviations from and adherences to, the applicable standards of care.

  • Identify factors that caused or contributed to the injuries and/or damages.

  • Paginate, organize and tab medical records.

  • Summarize, translate and interpret medical records.

  • Identify potential defendants.

  • Develop life care plans.

  • Interview clients and relevant witnesses.
  • Prepare questions for Interrogatories.
  • Assist in exhibit preparation.
  • Prepare deposition and trial questions.
  • Create written reports for use by the attorney.
  • Attend independent medical examinations (IMEs).
  • Identify and review relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures or other relevant documents.
  • Conduct literature searches and integrate the standards/guidelines into the case analysis.

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