Medical Record Reviews Can Make or Break a Case

Each medical record can contain numerous extraneous and obscure details. Let Wade Nurse Consultants as Legal Nurse Consultants be a cost-effective part of your legal team to interpret those records, revealing hidden insights and translating them into language easily understood by judges and juries.

Why You Need Us

An attorney knows the law and the LNC knows the healthcare system. The LNC can identify and delineate medical and nursing issues involved in cases concerning health, illness, or injury. An LNC can share with you their insider’s perspective providing you with reliable cost-saving expertise.

Primary Service Areas

Medical Malpractice

General Personal Injury

Products Liability

DME Observer

Nursing Home Litigation

Criminal Cases

Lisa Wade RN, BSN, CCM, LNC

Legal Nurse Consultant

Lisa Wade is the Owner of Wade Nurse Consultants LLC.

They are Legal Nurse Consultants that review medical records for Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Attorneys to locate hidden facts that can help them win cases.

Lisa has over 30 years of experience in nursing. She began her understanding of caregiving while watching her mother meet the needs of extended family and friends by managing their illness or recovery in her childhood home. While her mother was never a trained nurse, Lisa found her mom to be a born caregiver.

From Our Clients

“I would highly recommend Lisa. She performed a very thorough review and chronology of medical records for two of my cases. Her work was a huge help in deciphering all the details of the medical care and procedures that occurred in relation to my clients. She was attentive, meticulous, professional and excellent with communication.”

Laurie Jubelirer, Esq.

Owner at Jubelirer Law, LLC, Experienced Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney

“Lisa reviewed complex medical records for me and found answers to all my questions. She then recorded her review for me in a form that was easy to navigate. Her work was excellent and I heartily endorse her and recommend her to anyone who has a similar need, as well as for any other reasons that you may need a nurse consultant, especially for forensic purposes.”

Barry Yaches, Esq.

Owner, Barry S. Yaches, P.C

“When I was recently faced with the pressing need to analyze, digest and put order to about 35,000 pages of medical records on a tight deadline, Lisa and crew came through in a big way! Her pricing was more than fair, and her work product was exceptional. I will look forward to working with Lisa again and again.”

Jordan Tucker, Esq.



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