About Us

When we review medical records we summarize and translate that info into human language easily understood by judges and juries.

Assisting Lawyers Since 2017

Wade Nurse Consultants are attentive, meticulous and professional, and have provided attorneys with accurate summaries of complex medical records

What We Can Do For You


Evaluate potential cases for merit saving you time, money and effort.


Review facility policies, procedures and electronic medical records to determine their pertinence to your case.


Locate appropriate medical testifying experts to fortify your case.


Create reports and chronological timelines that transform complex medical records into clear, succinct and informative translations.

Why Choose Us

Medical Record Experts

Legal Nurse Consultants with years of clinical and administrative nursing experience in varied specialties are the go-to experts to decipher complex, voluminous medical records and EMR’s.

Merit Evaluations

Legal Nurse Consultants review potential medical cases for merit, identifying potential defendants, deviations from or adherences to standards of care, as well as clarifying medical issues or injuries.

Cost Savings

Legal Nurse Consultants provide attorneys with access to a member of the healthcare team who has provided 24-hour patient care and can share those insights at a cost savings when compared to expensive medical experts.

Our Philosophy

Wade Nurse Consultants is your one stop resource for all of your medical and injury case needs by providing Reviews, Research and Roadmaps.



Medical chronologies and Merit evaluations



Expert witness location
Research of complex medical issues



Medical cost projections and Life Care Plans detailing future medical needs

Lisa Wade

Owner of Wade Nurse Consultants, LLC

While volunteering as a candy striper at the age of sixteen at a local hospital, Lisa was able to see how a born caregiver infused with a solid nursing education and mentoring could become a force for good. Lisa later attended Villanova University, obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, became a Registered Nurse, and later obtained her Certified Legal Nurse Consultant® certification.

Lisa’s career has included direct patient care and administrative experiences in varied healthcare settings such as Physical Rehabilitation, Medical-Surgical, Oncology with a concentration in Home Health, Case Management and Geriatric/Long Term Care. Her membership in the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants® gives her instant access to almost 4000 LNC’s with experience in every healthcare specialty area.

Her years of Nursing and medical record review gives her the ability to turn complex medical records/electronic medical records into brief, easy to read reports or chronological timelines. She can screen potential cases for merit, identify adherence to or deviations from standards of care, locate testifying experts and provide desired medical research for attorneys to save them time money and effort.

Lisa is currently serving on the Women Owned Law Board of Directors. Women Owned Law is a groundbreaking group created to connect and advance women legal entrepreneurs.

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